Sunday, July 08, 2018

Are you sure we have the technology to make this work?

LaToya has a "compromise" idea for the traffic cameras. The Advocate calls it a compromise, anyway. Is that really the term for what this is, though? I mean  the person she is compromising with in this case is herself.
Although she once pledged to remove all of the scores of cameras along the city's major thoroughfares, Cantrell said she now wants to retain them in school zones but only during the hours when reduced speeds are enforced to protect students on their way to and from school.

The rest of the cameras could be removed in phases, so that the millions of dollars the city derives each year from camera traffic tickets won't fall off the books all at once.
It's also not clear if Cantrell ever came to a "compromise" estimate the actual amount of revenue the cameras produce. During the campaign she often diluted the Landrieu administration's figure as overinflated. In any case, this article says the new scheme would still mean an overall loss of $15.8 million next year. I assume the plan is to make that up by writing more thousand dollar tickets to bicyclists.

But the other question that hasn't been asked yet is, how can we be sure the cameras will actually limit themselves to ticketing vehicles during school zone hours. After all, we still aren't sure we can even get the warning lights to flash at the right times. Could end up having to reach a lot of compromises over disputed tickets.

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