Thursday, July 05, 2018

Oh hey they found Irvin (maybe)

Seems like we should follow up on this.  Irvin missed a fantastic opportunity to embark on a globe-trotting adventure as a fugitive just to come back to New Orleans during July. Seems like a bad choice, right? Especially so considering he came back just to be arraigned again.

Mayfield and partner Ronald Markham again pleaded not guilty at Monday’s arraignment, just as they had to the original charges in January. The government did not ask for a new bond and they were released to continue their music careers as they await an October trial date.

Mayfield’s less famous partner, Ronald Markham, walked in and out of court with his attorney for Monday’s hearing and proudly flashed a copy of Mayfield’s latest album.

But Mayfield, who was declared indigent and appointed a federal public defender, managed for the second time to avoid the cameras and get in and out of public defender Claude Kelly’s office without being seen.
Wait! Are we absolutely sure he was there? 

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