Thursday, March 08, 2018

He really is gonna do the Bobby Jindal thing

The annoying thing about Mitch's big leap into national politics is the corporate press has a slower learning curve spotting the phonies positioned as corporate centrists than the ones who come from the hard right.  Which is why we're gonna have to put up with a longer period of fawning promotion from the very same pundits who saw through Jindal right away.

It doesn't help that Mitch has better chops. Mitch is every bit as brutal, self-centered, and unprincipled as Jindal was. But he pulls off the stagecraft much more professionally. It's hard to imagine Landrieu launching a campaign for President with a "Look, a turtle!" surveillance video, for example.   Although, he does have the equipment available to shoot such a video should he somehow decide to do so.

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