Monday, March 12, 2018

Number 64 is no longer eligible

Once you've got enough that you are sure you don't have to do it anymore, there is no reason to spend one more second running around a football field destroying your brain than is absolutely necessary. 
Veteran right tackle Zach Strief announced his retirement on Monday, bringing an end to a 12-year career spent entirely in New Orleans.

Drafted out of Northwestern in the seventh round of the Saints' pivotal 2006 class, Strief spent five years as a backup tackle before ascending to the starter's role and becoming one of the locker room's enduring figures, a leader in the offensive line room and a standout player at right tackle.
There are far more enjoyable and less strenuous ways to destroy brains anyway.   Good luck, Zach. You were a pretty shitty tight end.

Speaking of which, as shitty tight ends go, this one was a pretty good receiver.

Wonder if Drew asked specifically for that in contract negotiations.

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