Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jefferson Parish politics

Pretty much.
The race for Jefferson Parish sheriff became a bare-knuckles affair weeks ago. But the campaign nearly came to literal blows over the weekend as Parish Councilman Mark Spears was handing out John Fortunato fliers to motorists in Marrero.

Spears called 911 to report that a passenger in a passing vehicle told Spears to stuff the campaign literature "in his ass," according to a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office report.

The passenger, Vincent Bailey, told deputies a different story, portraying Spears as the aggressor and saying the councilman threatened to "put a hit out" on him for refusing to accept the brochure.
Don't talk back to your elected people over there. They will call 911 or "put a hit out" on you.  Those are basically the same thing in JP anyway. 

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