Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some would say New Orleans East is a rural area

I mean they've got wild hogs, and alligators, and Grunch monsters, and all sorts of things out there. 
So this hardly seems like a disqualification.
On Monday, Transdev - the Paris-based company that manages RTA's day-to-day operations - confirmed through spokeswoman Taslin Alfonzo that DOT had not awarded a TIGER grant for the transit center. In an email, Transdev noted that only one grant was awarded to a Louisiana project -- $13 million for the St. Bernard Port, Harbor & Terminal District to patch up two wharves on the Chalmette Slip.

It's unclear why RTA lost out on the transit center grant, through DOT stressed in a news release that special consideration was given this year for projects in rural areas. Transdev says it intends to "request a debrief from the federal government."

Oh well. At least we got all those streetcars to nowhere and pedestrian-only boat rides for tourists while the money was still coming in. Ideally it would be nice if East New Orleans residents could get downtown to see all that stuff once in a while but that's never been a priority. 

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