Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Winter Council is planning to vote on the surveillance ordinance on Thursday

According to ACLU, MaCCNO, and the Independent Police Monitor, this would constitute an unprecedented expansion of government surveillance powers.  The ordinance would require any business with an ABO permit (bars, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) to install cameras feeding into an NOPD data center. NOPD can then share whatever they collect with whatever federal agency might ask for information. That's a lot of eyes watching a lot of people all of the time for no demonstrable benefit

There is a committee meeting with public input scheduled tomorrow at 2PM.  Now would be the time to get the word out to people.  But the last time any of the local papers gave it much attention  was nearly a month ago.   Which means the only media conversation about this critical matter the week before the key action is being moderated by Newell Normand.  I'm sure there will be plenty of coverage of the vote and its aftermath.  I'm sure there will also be a chours of "#Actually we wrote a ton about this" before the monthlong blackout. But that doesn't do anybody a whole lot of good, does it? 

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