Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Shep is in... a new TV spot

That's a real big flag you got there.

And, hey, nobody here is going to argue with Shep's point.  We've said numerous times that convicted felons should not forfeit their rights to civic participation either as voters or candidates.  This isn't even really about "second chances" as Shepherd puts it in the ad. It's more about the fundamental rights of citizens in a fair society.

None of this means that Shep isn't also being a bit of a cynic.  He's also quite likely lying about this.
Shepherd was asked by FOX 8 News if he is seeking employment in Cantrell’s administration.

“No, I was at that meeting just helping, I was not seeking a position with Latoya Cantrell's administration, I wish her the best, but I do know now that she needs a position in her administration to deal with the formerly incarcerated or people who are seeking second chances,” he said in response.
Admittedly he's a more convincing liar than LaToya is. But he's always been more of a pro in any case. He also says in that Fox8 story that he's planning a "rally" in support of his "second chance" cause.  I hope they find a good caterer.  

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