Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Waiting for the internet to thaw

Apparently Cox's tubes freeze over when the temperature gets below 40 degrees here. We've only had internet in short 5-10 minute bursts here for the past two days. [derp]It's like living in a dang third world country in this city let me tell you... har har har etc. [/derp]

Seriously, though. It kind of is.

Anyway I don't know how much time I have right now so, very quickly, we got out in the cold mist and followed the Lady Rollers, Pussyfooters and the Hot 8 Brass Band on New Year's Eve. Here are a few pics from that.

Fox III Lounge

Lady Rollers

Pussyfooters and Lady Rollers

Later, we watched a very tired and injured Saints team limp to a weak regular season finish in Tampa.  This has been one of the most fun and memorable Saints seasons. Don't let the high probability of an early playoff exit make you forget that.

Finally, we braved the freezing temperatures to take our traditional walk out onto the St. Charles Avenue neutral ground where you can see the downtown fireworks pretty well without having to elbow through throngs of Alabama fans to get there.

New Year's fireworks

Hopefully this message makes it through whatever Cox's problem is.  In the meantime, hey it's 2018. Start thinking about who should run against Steve Scalise.

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