Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Voice Of The People

Sidney is finding the efficiencies and making the synergies happen through disruptive innovation as he often does.
In his post on Friday, Torres said little about why he eventually decided not to run but took aim at the city’s political establishment as he announced the creation of his PAC, “The Voice of the People.”
Already getting results
Charbonnet also calls for increased use of technology, including license plate readers, crime cameras and equipment that can detect gunfire and direct officers to the source. In addition, her plan calls for tracking NOPD vehicles and issuing officers cellphones whose GPS can be monitored to determine their location.

The proposal calls for better community policing and cites as an example the private patrols set up in the French Quarter by businessman Sidney Torres, who flirted with an entry into the mayor’s race for months before bowing out last week.
That is one strong Voice, Sidney has brought to bear. Seems like everybody who is anybody is listening. 

Congratulations to Sidney on hacking our democracy with his Voice.  How does he do it?

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