Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The next mayor's problem

What to do when that "projected revenue growth" doesn't materialize.
For the first two years, the money for the raises would come from sales of city assets, including some connected with the lease of the former World Trade Center building for redevelopment into a Four Seasons hotel and condos, Landrieu said.

The administration settled on that approach after floating the idea of putting a tax increase before the voters, something that members of the City Council opposed.

In later years, officials are projecting that growth in city revenues and money that is freed up as unrelated city debts are paid off will cover the higher pay levels.
Ok Well, best of luck there. We're all counting on you to be right about this. Or at least your successors in office are. Same goes for anyone in danger of being press ganged into police work should the next mayor decide to explore a revision of this  policy.
Previous moves to swell the ranks included a 15 percent salary increase in 2015, stepped-up recruiting efforts with a national hiring campaign, the relaxation of education requirements for recruits and changes to make the hiring process more accessible.

We don’t have a mandatory draft. I can’t make people be police officers,” Landrieu said. “But everyone asks how to fight crime — one way is to join the Police Department.”

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