Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Un-Fix My Streets

That federal inspector general's report we first learned about back in January has been made official.   
A federal inspector general is recommending that the Federal Emergency Management Agency take back the entire $2 billion global settlement earmarked to help New Orleans repair city streets and underground pipes damaged by Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters.

Were the agency to accept the central recommendation of an eye-popping report released Wednesday, it would devastate the city’s hopes of improving its creaky infrastructure. The $2 billion lump sum is the bulk of what the city has on hand as it starts work on an estimated $9 billion backlog in repairs.

City officials said Wednesday that they have spent $350 million of the aid — money that would have to be repaid were the IG's recommendation followed.
According to this story, nobody seems to think a clawback of the money is actually going to happen.  But keep in mind these are Trump times and crazy things are not to be discounted off hand. 

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