Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nobody wants to be mayor

Qualifying begins tomorrow.. by which I mean today since it's just after midnight while I type this. I haven't been by the Clerk Of Court's office this evening so I don't know if any candidates are camping out to get a good spot in line or anything.

As it stands now, here is your Advocate dance card. If it stays as is, this is a terribly lame turnout.  Much was made of the move to a fall election cycle in the cause of generating more public interest.  So far it hasn't generated many candidates. The contests of note are in council districts A, B, and C.  Otherwise, matters are oddly quiet. Even the open At-Large seat looks like the field was deliberately cleared for Helena Moreno.

It's remarkable that nobody wants to even try and challenge Marlin Gusman. Even though nobody is clear on what, exactly, the Sheriff does under the current consent decree arrangement, it's still a plum of an office. The lesser offices are strangely quiet too. Nobody wants to run for any of this stuff.

Strangest of all, it seems virtually nobody wants to be mayor of New Orleans. Maybe that will be different by the end of the week. But it's getting more and more difficult to imagine how.

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