Wednesday, July 01, 2015


I'm trying to envision a map of New Orleans with little internal borders drawn around the parts of town developed by the six or seven oligarchs.  It might entail some gerrymandering.  Here we see a proposed expansion of Kabacoffia.
Charity Hospital could be the heart of a new neighborhood by catering to the growing medical industry nearby and the increasing number of people living downtown, according to a proposal that developers HRI Properties submitted to the state Wednesday (July 1).

The 1930s-era former hospital, now vacant, could spur growth in the city's medical corridor and make New Orleans competitive with other medical district powerhouses in Houston and Birmingham, said HRI Properties vice president for development Josh Collen.
Kind of hard to draw a contiguous boundary around all of these... although it's also an incomplete inventory. 
HRI Properties, a New Orleans real estate company that works nationwide, often touts its focus and experience in so-called "adaptive reuse" projects renovating historic buildings. It includes the company's headquarters at the top of the former Hibernia Bank tower, which HRI converted into mixed-income apartments.

Other current HRI projects include a Homewood Suites and 40 penthouse apartments on one block of North Rampart along the new streetcar line and a renovation of the old office tower at 225 Baronne into an Aloft hotel and apartments. 

HRI is also partnering with the city in redeveloping the former Iberville public housing complex into a mixed-income, mixed-use community through renovations and new construction.
Anyway, if we were to imagine this was all of HRI's stuff, then the map of Kabacoffia would look sort of like this, I guess.

Meanwhile, in news from Torresville, the scribes are referring to the Duke as a humble "local entrepreneur." You know, like he's just starting out pushing a fruit cart or something. That's very quaint.

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