Friday, July 24, 2015

Shadow Government

We know everyone has been worrying their pretty little heads over what to do with all these Confederate monuments. Worry no longer. Mitch is getting his super smart friends together in secret to figure it all out for us.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will this month hold a pair of invitation-only discussions centered on his proposal to remove four Confederate monuments from city property.

A spokeswoman for the administration said that invitations were sent to members of Landrieu's Tricentennial Commission. A full list of the recipients was not immediately available after business hours Thursday (July 23).

The talks will be facilitated by Welcome Table New Orleans, a racial reconciliation program Landrieu started with the help of the William Winter Institute at the University of Mississippi.

The administration didn't publicly announce the meetings, but Steve Beatty, editor of The Lens, obtained one of the invitations and posted it to Twitter.
The invitations are addressed, "Dear Civic Leader" and went out to "members of" the Tricentennial Commission which, one assumes, means not all of them. Although, two all day sessions seems like there'd be plenty of time for everybody. Take some time with the roster to mix and match your dream team of unelected "leaders" you'd most like to see make decisions for you in secret.  

In this case, they'll probably agree to take the monuments down since that's what the mayor wants to do and he's paying for their catering and all.  That's an OK outcome. The statues probably need to come down. But who do I complain to if they're replaced by images of Tricentennial Commissioner Erroll Laborde crafted by Tricentennial Commissioner Mignon Faget?

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