Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shit my Jackie says

Technical issues with the council's video embed have obligated Dambala to go back and emphasize the comment I was going to add to this post. This means it's now basically complete and you can go read it.

I happened to be watching this session live.  But I also recommend taking in council meetings... especially the budget hearings.. at your leisure.  (I do not recommend "binge watching" them, though, unless you absolutely hate yourself and your life.) 

The budget hearings are instructive in just how little councilmembers seem to know about what most departments actually do. Or if they do understand what's going on, then you get to see them pretend to a certain plausible ignorance as a favor to friends. This, I've come to believe, is what Jackie Clarkson is doing most of the time.
For some reason the video embed link only has 7 seconds. You can find the video at the CC website here, scroll down to the November 6th City Council meeting.  The Wisner issues first start at about 28 minutes into the session with Head addressing Cedric Grant.  It picks back up at 57 minutes into the session...although you may want to skip over Jackie Clarkson cackling about how she doesn't think the Wisner funds should go through the Council because they never have before and this Mayor doesn't need to be scrutinized.  Then finally at 1:12, the conversation between Head and Erica Beck takes place.
I don't recommend skipping that part. I think it's the most telling moment of the hearing. 

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Jason Brad Berry said...

What I should have said is that it makes me so nauseous I couldn't watch it again. The thing is, Head is actually trying to figure out if CC has a fiduciary duty to oversee the grant money...none of the CC members know what that answer is but at least one of them is asking. They were then lied to by the Administration...or at least they were misled. Jackie is simply stroking Mitch's schlong and in the process showing just how clueless she really is. I guess I already took that for granted so I didn't think it was that important to watch.