Wednesday, November 13, 2013

But how will Rob Ryan get to Ms Mae's?

Quick follow-up to yesterday's post about the SELA work on Napoleon Avenue.  The heavy duty disruption is scheduled to begin in January.
The removal of the trees may be the least of the worries. Starting in January, the project will progress to a different phase of construction that will require more space, which means street parking in the affected areas of Napoleon will be discontinued.

"It will be a little cramped. We make sure at least one of traffic in each direction on Napoleon Avenue will be moving," said Wingate.

This particular section of the Napoleon Avenue SELA project is expected to finish in 2016.
This means two things.  First, the disruption of traffic along Napoleon Avenue will cause a re-routing of most Uptown Carnival parades for at least the next two years.  Maybe someone knows what the plan is for that. I don't yet.

Second, should the Saints manage to get themselves a home playoff game in January, it might be a little tricky for fans get to the after party. 

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