Thursday, July 11, 2013

Occasional airing of the greivance

While they're busy figuring out how they're going to cut faculty, staff, and benefits more drastically, do our university presidents have anything else to do?  I mean, besides determine who runs every department in the city, of course.

Details of the plan include:
  • Reducing the board membership from 13 to 11 seats by eliminating three reserved for council members, some of whom in the past have meddled with the contracting process, and adding an eighth mayoral appointment. The mayor, who serves as board president, and two appointments from the Board of Liquidation, City Debt, the city's debt manager, will round out the final three seats.
  • Reducing members' terms from nine years to four and limiting them to two, consecutive terms. Current board members' terms will expire as soon as their replacements are appointed.
  • Creating a selection committee comprised of local university presidents and business leaders that will offer a list of three nominees for each future vacancy from which the mayor can choose an appointment.
  • Mandating that the mayor appoint at least one board member from each of the city's five council districts and that membership reflect New Orleans' gender and racial makeup.
  • Requiring the S&WB provide quarterly reports on its contracts to the council.

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