Monday, July 29, 2013

Iconic re-structure

The bidding process over what happens to the WTC site isn't really about competing visions for the land.  All three groups are in agreement that public money should be spent on private hotel/condo development one way or another.  So the argument, such as it is, is really about who gets in on the deal. 

In this case, one of the parties appears to be willing to share the spoils with another.
The letter does not directly revise the The Tricentennial Consortium’s original proposal, but it makes clear that the group is hoping to amend and advance its troubled plan, if the city will allow it. The group suggests that it be allowed to work with the city on a new plan that includes the building and a long-term vision for the area surrounding it. Alternatively, the consortium said, it would like the city to consider allowing it to work with one of the competing bidders.
Not entirely sure but my guess is the Tricentennial group had the inside track and agreed to let Gatehouse in in order to stave off whatever PR flack they were getting as a result of their "Save the WTC" astroturfing.   We'll find out tomorrow.

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