Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Monday and there should be content here

But it's an especially busy Monday so... sorry.  Finishing up a project from my assignment editor for publication tonight or tomorrow. Plus other things are happening.  In the meantime you can try NOLA.com for the latest breaking Royal Baby and/or Comic-con stories.  Or you can look in at The Lens where there's a wide-ranging round-up of locally and nationally relevant news waiting for you. It's your call. I won't tell you what to do.


rickngentilly said...

as k-doe used to say , "taint it the truth".

Dambala said...

Assignment editor...that's funny.

jeffrey said...

I really do have a couple things coming down the pipe here, including the subject you mentioned. But will be later in the week. I'm pretty busy at least until after tomorrow.