Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Maybe let's not sleep through any more Governor's elections

2007 turnout: 47%

2011 turnout 37%

See, it so happens that the Governor of Louisiana has a lot of power. And it would really suck if we just lazily nudged some dude in there who would use that power to purposefully blow up the whole state for the sake of selfish cynical political self-promotion.

Jindal’s standing has plummeted in Louisiana because he has spent his years as Governor promoting and pushing through a litany of disastrous and hugely unpopular policies, cynically and cavalierly using Louisiana as the testing grounds for controversial far-right legislation, much of which was cooked up behind the closed doors of powerful conservative lobbying organizations and right-wing think tanks: Privatizing prisons and hospitals, attempting to eliminate state income and business taxes with an exorbitantly high and regressive sales tax, refusing billions in federal funding for health care, high-speed rail, unemployment insurance, and a string of much-needed infrastructure projects. Governor Jindal is no longer popular  because Louisiana voters simply want to see him govern more; he’s unpopular because they believe he’s not good at governing. He’s a partisan conservative media personality, more comfortable with being an archetype than in being an effective leader.
So, hey, maybe next time, instead of gradually coming to regret not having done so,  let's pay a little more attention to the question of whom we install in this office. It kind of matters a little.

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