Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Docs 4 U

Daily Kingfish has a copy of the Jindal tax swap legislation for your reading pleasure.

Update: Jeremy Alford in this week's Gambit :
A growing number of lawmakers say privately that Jindal plays the part of the Roman general a little too well, treating lawmakers as plebeians while seeking greater glory for himself. Even with an odd coalition of Democrats and Republican committee chairs protecting his flank, the governor would be well-advised to learn from Caesar — and watch his back.
Sounds kind of circus-y to me. Jindal is damaged but he may still have the juice to wreck the tax system.


bayoustjohndavid said...

I'll be looking for Jeremy Alford in the next issue of "Creative Nonfiction," because that article certainly didn't contain any actual reporting.

jeffrey said...

That's what I thought too. Seemed like he was having too much fun playing his Ides of March game, though.

oyster said...

Yes, definitely a clunker. But did you notice the "c'est what?" poll below the article? It asks whether readers think the tax is "progressive" or "regressive." It's simply a fact that the tax "swap" (higher sales/lower income) is regressive. The poll invites readers to confuse the economic meaning of progressive/regressive tax structures with political notions about "progressive" politics, or simplistic for and against cheerleading.

jeffrey said...

Good catch! No I didn't even read the stupid poll. Thanks.