Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wars of NOligarchy

Sometimes the great powers go head to head.
Local developer Kishore "Mike" Motwani outbid Sidney Torres IV on Wednesday (July 22) for the ownership rights to the Oz, agreeing to pay $8.175 million for the Bourbon Street dance club.

Motwani must close the deal and pay in cash by Aug. 15. If he fails to do so, the rights go to Torres whose final bid was $8.125 million.
Motwanivania is an empire of downtown and French Quarter T-Shirt shops, restaurants, hotel projects, and ATMs. It's hard to draw on the NOligarchs map because there's so much overlap with the other kingdoms, especially with Torreszonia which Oz, it seems, very nearly fell to here. Anyway, here's a rough approximation.

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