Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Year Of The Shitty Governor

Whether they have any respect for you back home matters not one iota in Iowa.
The wacky things he does that make no sense to liberals in Louisiana have a strategic rationale, I promise you. For example, the Planned Parenthood investigation pairs well with whispers on the right about frontrunner Gov. Scott Walker being soft on abortion. (Walker recently countered.)

The local press is a bit alarmed that Jindal is brazenly lying about his record. Guess what? He ain't stoppin'!! In small town Iowa, Jindal's in control of his story. If a pesky reporter "fact checks" him up there, he can easily parry the questions— with more lies, if need be. That liberal media, always distracting us from the important issues, like hyphenated Americans and 'no go' zones.
Read the rest. There aren't many people who think Bobby Jindal has a reasonable chance of challenging for the GOP nomination right now. I'm one of them. Oyster is another one.  I can't think of many more at the moment. Although I noticed a few weeks ago Stephanie Grace was pretty impressed with his performance in New Hampshire.

Anyway don't sleep on Bobby just yet.

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