Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camp previews

It's that time of year. The guys are checking into the golf spa and already starting to relax.
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. -- The New Orleans Saints designated three players as physically unable to perform on Tuesday, placing them on the "PUP list" one day before the start of training camp.

Safety Jairus Byrd, receiver Marques Colston and defensive tackle Glenn Foster were placed on the PUP list.
The heavy intensity of hanging around the Greenbrier and mostly not practicing hasn't even begun yet and already the writers know how it's all going to work out.

The Advocate's Nick Underhill tells you who is going to make the roster here. (McCown over Griffin, Hightower over Murphy, Johnson over Lorig, Coleman and Jones over the Morgans, Hopkins over Hocker)

The T-P's Larry Holder offers a competing foresight. Differences in caps. (McCown over Griffin, MURPHY OVER HIGHTOWER, LORIG OVER JOHNSON, Coleman and Jones over the Morgans PLUS SAUNDERS, Hopkins over Hocker)

But who knows what will happen in the future? We sure don't. At this time last year we were rolling into camp on the crest of the mightiest wave of #WeGotThis we've ever ridden. That didn't work out so well. By the way, stay tuned to this site for yet another unimpeachable prediction of the Saints' win total in a few weeks.

Meanwhile the camp previews are arriving. Here are some you might enjoy.

At Black and Gold Review, Ryan Chauvin imagines various alternate futures none of which is knowable to us or anyone because, despite his thesis, a season of football is nothing like as season of TV drama because TV is fake and football is real life stuff. Mostly. Except for the part about the deflated balls. None of that is believable.

Here's Ralph Malbrough talking about underpants gnomes.. or something. Also there's this worrisome bit.
As I mentioned earlier, the 2014 Saints needed Champ Bailey to be a contributor for a terrible batch of corners. Kevin Williams is in the exact same spot for 2015 Saints defensive tackles. The Saints interior defensive linemen include an old Brodrick Bunkley, second year question mark John Jenkins, and some rookies most of us couldn't name.

The Saints don't need Williams to be great, but if he doesn't make the roster and play 15-20 snaps a week, then the interior run defense might be as big a mess as it was the second half of 2014.
Bunkley has already been released.  Get ready for 2015 featuring the Patrick Robinson Show of Defensive Linemen.

There's more out there. Check an internet near you. It looks like Deadspin's "Why Your Team Sucks" series is moving according to last year's draft order which seems appropriate. Magary's Saints article should be up in a few days.  Here's Atlanta. Kind of a ho-hum effort much like its subject.

Anyway, hope the Saints have fun at the country club. Try not to hit anyone with a belt.

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