Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Democracy conquers fear"

Many people can ignore the will of a government. But no one can ignore the will of a people.

Today is a day of celebration, because democracy is a celebration, it is joy. And when democracy overcomes fear and extortion, then it becomes a redemption and a way out. The Greek people today send a very strong message. A message of dignity and determination. The message that they hold a choice in their hands. No one can ignore the will of a people to live. To live with determination and take their life in their own hands.

I am certain that from tomorrow we will have broken a path for all the peoples in Europe. A path of return to the founding values of democracy and solidarity in Europe, sending a strong message of determination, not only to stay but also to live with dignity in Europe. To do well and work as equals among equals. Let us therefore make this act of strong will, this celebratory act of democracy, an act of determination for a better future for all of us, both in Greece and Europe. I am very optimistic.

Polls closed about 45 minutes ago. Telephone surveys indicate a slight advantage for "no." But we know how reliable that sort of thing can be. 

What happens now? Bad things, probably. But not quite as bad as a government capitulating to the demands of international finance over the objections of its own people.  Plus now maybe they'll even make the bankers listen.. a little bit anyway.

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