Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They've agreed to be yelled at some more

The Algiers riverfront rezoning was scheduled to go to City Council tomorrow. It's been pulled.
A controversial proposal in Algiers Point to rezone the Misssissippi River batture from open space to maritime industrial will be pulled from the New Orleans City Council agenda Thursday. Councilwoman Nadine Ramsey, who represents the area, is returning the amendment to the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing, said Kara Johnson, Ramsey's chief of staff.

No action will be taken at the council's meeting, Johnson said.
So OK go yell at the Planning Commission if you get the time. But, remember, Mitch has already said it probably won't matter

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Jason Brad Berry said...

Sadly, this is almost certainly the case. But what is just as important as the batture issue is the amendments she introduced into the CZO on behalf of Chris Young, alcohol lobbyist. It's rather amazing that she damn near pushed all of this through without anyone catching it in time to bring it to the public's attention.