Wednesday, July 29, 2015

That one thing that makes our product uniquely attractive to you

Yeah, we're killing that part.
Twitter's complexity isn't just a problem the company needs to eliminate, it's an essential part of what makes the site useful right now. Twitter facilitates a type of rich, open conversation that's much harder to have on a more restrictive platform like Facebook or Instagram. It's why its most committed users are so incredibly committed, and why they create so much valuable, free content for the service.

While more complex products tend to be less popular in relative terms, they can still be huge markets in absolute terms. Microsoft is a hugely profitable company because it can continue selling its products to businesses that need the power of a full-scale PC. Similarly, the rapid growth of Facebook and Instagram doesn't mean that Twitter is doomed; there will continue to be tens or even hundreds of millions of people who want to use Twitter.
Too bad. Have fun being a crappy Facebook that no one will like for any reason now.

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