Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All of Uptown is closed for summer

Do not proceed

The SELA-RTA-ENTERGY-S&WB Demilitarized Zone is restricted access only.  Also, it is expanding.
Navigating Uptown traffic has become somewhat of a sport in recent months. Drivers can expect more detours starting Monday (July 13) as Entergy New Orleans moves forward with a $30 million construction project in the area.

Entergy crews will be upgrading transmission lines in the Audubon Park, upper Magazine Street and upper Annunciation Street areas over the next three months. The utility says the upgrades are necessary to deliver more electricity to the city and improve reliability.
Do not attempt to enter or traverse the area unless absolutely necessary. In fact, you should probably just stay inside where it's air-conditioned anyway. Really, it's okay to do that. 

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