Friday, July 24, 2015

Nobody could have predicted

Bobby Jindal "never would have imagined" that this horrible thing that happens with alarming regularity all over the place could happen again.
A KLFY reporter also asked Jindal about gun control. Here was his response:

"Right now we're just learning the details of what happened. ... Let's focus on the victims right now. Let's focus on their recoveries. There'll be a time, I'm sure folks will want to jump into the politics of this. Now is not the time."

At a news conference carried live after his initial comments, Jindal said this:

"Today is a day that not only angers but also saddens all of us. ... we never would've imagined it would've happened in Louisiana or Lafayette. ... (told story about teachers) ... We're going to hear about other acts of selfless heroism. ... I saw family members that were hoping for the best, waiting for information on their loved ones. ... They're praying and fearful and anxious. We've heard from folks all over the country. Now is the time to send them your thoughts, your prayers, your love ... (on first responders) They ran towards danger, not away from it. The first officers could literally still hear the gunshots."
We "never would have imagined" because the very act of allowing for the possibility is indecent to our posture.

"Now is not the time" to talk about it, though. That would also be indecent.  

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