Saturday, July 11, 2015

A race, perhaps?

This poll has John Bel Edwards practically tied with Vitter and that's even when Russel Honore was included as an option.
The poll, conducted by Jackson, Miss.-based Triumph Campaigns, had Edwards capturing 30 percent of the vote and Vitter taking 31 percent of the vote; the poll had a 2.4 percent margin of error.

Republican Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle polled at 14 percent and Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne polled at 11 percent.

Fourteen percent of voters identified themselves as undecided. The poll of 1,653 likely voters was conducted on June 30. The poll was automated, meaning it did not involve callers conducting live interviews, and it did not reach cell phone users.

The poll did not ask voters to pick between Edwards and Vitter if they were to face each other in a runoff. In Louisiana's unique primary system, this question is key later in the race because according to Triumph's numbers, neither candidate is polling high enough to avoid a runoff election.

Also note the Angellementum.. such as it is.  Not much news else here, though.  In a runoff, it's hard to imagine JBE pulling in enough of the leftover voter from the Republican also-rans for any of this to matter.  30 percent seems more like a ceiling for him statewide.

Kind of a quiet Governor's race at the moment. Can't stay that way forever.

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