Thursday, August 02, 2018

It is still a mess

According to yesterday's big conference call, they still don't know how soon the shut offs might begin. They don't know how many account are actually delinquent.  They don't know how the renegotiation process works. And they don't know what to tell people who can't get through when they call.
“We’ve got screenshots of people who have been on hold for two hours,” said Sherae Hunter, one of Moreno’s staff members.

Rainey directed Hunter to a form on the S&WB’s website. But Hunter said that not all residents have internet access and noted that the online form provides no confirmation that someone has been taken off the delinquent list.
So there is a lot we don't know. It's also not clear the billing system itself has even been fixed yet. So this might just keep happening for a while.

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