Saturday, August 04, 2018

"Experts disagree"

The police in Marksville will choke you to death if you ask to see their warrant.  After that, the Advocate will shrug it off as a "both sides" situation.
A criminal justice expert says Avoyelles Parish law officers who wrestled a Marksville man off a tractor while serving an arrest warrant last year used too much force, needlessly escalating a confrontation that ended with the man's death. A second expert said he doesn't agree the officers used excessive force, but said they may have acted negligently by failing to administer aid once Armando Frank was unconscious.
You can always find a racist "expert" who is okay with cops murdering people. Maybe that should have been the headline.  Instead they went with, "Louisiana man dies after officers put him in choke hold; experts disagree on excessive force or not."  Man dies.. on his own, apparently.  What happened here? Experts disagree.

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