Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Well that's quite good timing

Among the estimated $3.8 million worth of annual expenses supporting Mitch Landrieu's recently announced "security plan" is an unspecified amount for the following.
Action 5: Increased Graffiti Removal

Increase the amount of resources towards graffiti removal to include 4 persons for 8 hours a week to remove graffiti on all public signage,utility boxes and litter cans.
So there is "graffiti removal" money up for grabs.  Guess who suddenly pops back up in the news
Sometimes it's as easy as walking up to the base of an overpass. Other times, it might require a cherry picker to reach higher points. But no matter what it takes, Operation Clean Sweep is working to rid the Big Easy of graffiti.

“We've taken out graffiti over the last 15 years; saved the Police Department over 9,000 phone calls by creating the graffiti hotline and taking out over 25,000 graffiti tags,” said Fred Radtke, founder and president of Operation Clean Sweep.

Radtke said he started this nonprofit after seeing a void in the city.
To be clear, Radtke isn't "in the news" in the sense that a new thing happened that involves him necessitating a report being filed. WDSU just interviewed him because... well it isn't clear.  He probably doesn't mind the attention, though. Especially when the city might throw some money at him.

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