Wednesday, January 18, 2017

They all go to Jimmie Woods' house

Guess we can move Karen Carter-Peterson out of the "could consider" category and put her squarely into the "might be considering" category of potential mayoral candidates.
Gov. John Bel Edwards is set to host a fundraiser for state senator and Louisiana Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson next week at the home of Jimmie Woods, whose company, Metro Service Group, holds one of New Orleans' major trash collection contracts.

Late last year, Edwards joined U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond in co-hosting another fundraiser at Woods' sprawling home by Bayou St. John, this one for one of Peterson's Senate colleagues, J.P. Morrell, who chairs the body's Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee.

What are they raising money for, exactly? Neither invitation said.
We're still a long way off from qualifying day so nobody has to commit to anything just yet.  Meanwhile, as Grace points out, you can raise a lot of money pretending to think about running for mayor even if you never actually jump in. 
By socking away some cash and promoting their big-time relationships, Peterson and Morrell are buying themselves time and positioning themselves to jump in too. Or not. It's starting to look as if the city's voters just won't know for a while.
If that's true, then we'll expect to see the list of maybes keep growing for a few more months at least... along with Jimmie Woods' catering bill. 

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