Friday, January 13, 2017

None of these guys has his own one word billboard yet

By that measure, at least, they've got a ways to go before they're ready to replace The Toya. If that is what they want. All three of them certainly sound interested in this article.
When City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell recently announced that she was mulling a run for mayor of New Orleans this fall, she also set in motion consideration of who might succeed her in the District B seat — and so far, the possible field includes former School Board member Seth Bloom, Zulu king Jay Banks and economic development expert Eric Anthony Johnson.
Read the rest of that if you want to see their opening pitches. Short version: Bloom thinks "tough on crime" talk isn't the best way to fight crime, Banks is worried about gentrification, Johnson spits out a word salad about "bringing community groups together to create a forward-thinking progress agenda blah blah blah zzzzzz." Oh and he says inequality is bad. So there.

Also Seth Bloom sent his constituents a "Happy New Year" post card this month. So we know he's thinking about us. We'll know more about all of this after Cantrell officially announces for Mayor.

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