Wednesday, January 04, 2017

They won an actual bowl of citrus

What with the busy holiday and everything, this is a fun fact I must have missed.
LSU’s celebration of the 29-9 win over No. 15 Louisville swallowed Camping World Stadium on Saturday afternoon, moving from the field, to the locker room and spilling out into a tunnel underneath the 65,000-seat structure.

Orgeron was doused in a post-game Gatorade bath. In an on-field celebration, players tossed lemons and oranges into a small, but roaring, LSU fan section, swiping the fruit from the bowl of the Citrus trophy and hurling them into the stands.

They danced in the locker room, their coach doing a jig that had players chuckling. They celebrated with fans during the walk from the locker room to the busses, and their coach, in the same tunnel, posed for photos with his mother, Coco, and other family members.

“Bayou comes to Orlando!” Orgeron yelled while hugging his mother.
Also, Ed Orgeron is a complete nut. But that fun fact has been lost on no one. 

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