Thursday, July 21, 2016

Because "public" transit is so 20th Century

This bike share idea has everything your worst neoliberal nightmare is made of. 
A City Hall selection committee chose Social Bicycles, or SoBi, from seven competitors, giving it high marks for its use of technology and capacity to find sponsors to fill shortcomings in its operating budget. Committee members said SoBi's proposal came closest to achieving Mayor Mitch Landrieu's main objectives: that a bike share program be accessible to low-income residents and that the city not pay a dime for its operations.
It's all there. Some babble about the great apps or whatever, an opportunity for ad marketing to #brands, and, of course, some platitudes about serving the public although we aren't asking the public to fund and operate this service business.  I'm sure it will be a tremendous success. At least in terms of padding some resumes and scoring some PR.

Also.. "SoBi" because please shoot me. 

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