Monday, July 25, 2016

Oh well, get em next time

What if they held the most important school board election in years and nobody showed up? 

The close of qualifying Friday for the Nov. 8 elections awarded two Orleans Parish School Board incumbents outright victories in an election seen as crucial as the board prepares to reclaim its former role as overseer of most of New Orleans' public schools.
Maybe nobody remembered? Or maybe everyone is super pleased and entirely on the same page with regard to how public education in the city of New Orleans is run.That sounds plausible, right?

Of course it could also be the prohibitive cost of running thanks to the obscene influence of big money donors to even low level municipal candidates nowadays.
But Karran Harper Royal, an education activist who ran against Usdin and lost in 2012, said critics of Usdin, at least, might have been scared off by her fundraising muscle. Along with Jacobs, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Netflix founder Reed Hastings and former Time magazine editor and author Walter Isaacson were among a lengthy list of contributors to Usdin’s unprecedented $150,000 campaign haul four years ago.
But... nah... it's probably one of those other things.

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