Friday, July 22, 2016

Nothing is real 2016

Capture the magic

Hey lookie there I did a "both sides" post.  Welp, it would be nice if we could slam dunk the hell out of these awful people this year.  Unfortunately our team decided it would be a good idea to meet Mussolinilite with a  heavily despised soulless avatar of global capitalism. And so here we are waiting around to just squeak by.

The speech Trump screamed at us last night will probably play well with voters who didn't actually watch it. It hit all of his favorite points.. especially with regard to trade and immigration. That and the "law and order" stuff will be effective enough when cut into small bites for people watching recaps on the news or TV ads later on.

For those who watched it all the way through it came across as a long, incoherent, shouty mess. Because, well, that is exactly what it was. But the audience who tunes in to these conventions has already made up its mind.  Most of the voters Trump is aiming at weren't even watching.

In response, Jon Stewart went on a show even fewer people were watching and delivered a re-hashed version of his already stale "Why can't we all just agree to be moderates!" speech he bored us all with at the infamous Rally To Restore Sanity. Oh but he added a line about how Hamilton is good. So, sure, that'll help.

Also this.

This is the way the world ends..

You want to know what the rest of this campaign looks like, here it is.

Windows 10 nag

When the clock is done ticking down, you're going to have to decide whether or not you want the scary thing that will probably crash your already sputtering obsolete system erasing all of your files and the work you've been struggling with for pretty much ever. Or you can choose to just keep on sputtering.  Probably what will happen is a sufficient number of us will vote for the sputtering.  I guess that's supposed to be a comfort.

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