Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In the basement at the Alamo, maybe

I sort of agree with Owen about the "anonymous donor" paying for monument removal.  It's still technically a public expense, the public has a right to know where the money came from.  On the other hand, I can't stop laughing at how incredulous he is at the notion that throwing stuff in a closet constitutes some sort of prohibitive hidden cost.
Kopplin also noted that storing the monuments would be done at a city-owned facility at no additional cost. Apparently, the city has a huge amount of excess commercial-grade storage around at all times that is otherwise lying fallow. That strikes me as a clear admission of gross waste from an administration constantly pleading poverty, but, you know, whatever.
Storing them is not going to be an issue.  Although, I should point out that Varg has been offering to do this for a fee since this controversy first started making news. 

Anyway, they should come down. There shouldn't be any shame in paying to take them down.  Unless there's something the "donor" has to hide.  But what?

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