Monday, September 21, 2015

He really is T-Bobby


It's pretty adorable.
Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle is now an elected utility regulator. But until a couple of years ago he was one of Jindal’s closest aides and was allowed to wander the halls of the governor’s suite of offices on the fourth floor of the State Capitol. But he, like other cabinet secretaries, usually had to go through the chief of staff to get an audience with Jindal. Few could just pop their head into Jindal’s office and ask if he had a minute or two.
Precocious little T-Bobby wandering the halls is a nice image.  But did Bobby know he had given free rein of the house to a gad-dang Obama lovin' librul?   Well.. according to David Vitter, anyway.
The Vitter campaign commercial against Angelle says he has a lot in common with President Barack Obama. It says he was a Democrat for 31 years — Angelle switched to the Republican Party in 2010 — and features several photos of Obama and Angelle simultaneously. The spot also says Angelle took positions on the Public Service Commission that were favored by the Obama administration.

Vitter’s super PAC, Fund for Louisiana’s Future, also launched an attack ad against Angelle that suggests he did nothing to prevent the Bayou Corne sinkhole.

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