Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More of a Shelbyville kind of idea

The golden rule of modern grifter detection: First ask, "Is there a monorail involved?" If yes, then be very worried.
With just two days to go until the 2014 World Cup opener in Sao Paulo, an accident at a construction project to build a monorail in Brazil’s largest city has killed a worker.

The incident occurred near Brazil’s busiest domestic airport, and comes as public sector strikes, mass unrest and crippling delays threatened to overshadow the start of the biggest event in world football this Thursday.

The monorail project is itself an example of a massive infrastructure which the Brazilian government said would be a positive legacy from hosting the World Cup.

But in 2011, just a year after construction began, officials had already declared that it would not be ready in time.
 By now, most people have seen John Oliver's FIFA segment this week.  Here it is anyway. 

Remember, also, just because we're not soccer crazy in this country, doesn't mean we don't deal with our own version of this on a regular basis.

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