Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can't even get the pandering right

Steve Scalise wants to be the GOP whip in the House now that Eric Cantor's fall has reshuffled the leadership there.  He's very superstitious about the vote.
According to Politico, Scalise gave his whip campaign team bats on Wednesday that said "Bring the Wood" as motivation to push for the win.

Though the Beltway hot sheet didn't reference it, Scalise was clearly channeling Coach Sean Payton, who handed out similar bats to the Saints in 2010 before a playoff showdown with the Arizona Cardinals.
On the other hand, Saints fans will also remember the 2013 season where the team was powered to a road playoff win in Philadelphia by Popeyes Chicken.  Scalise has a different kind of chicken for lunch.

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Nolaresident said...

Oh and he could have so easily gone with "Got wood". ;-) And why does he have his family pictures facing out on his desk instead of inward so he can see them?