Tuesday, April 01, 2014

We've found our Iconic structure and it is an ark

What better way to match the intensity Brees speaks of than by plopping Noah's Ark down on our defunct amusement park.
Transformation Village LLC submitted a wide-ranging, seven-phase plan that starts with building a Jazzland park, although the plan has no clear source of funding or cost estimate. Future phases of the development would include a water park called "Atlantis," a dome-shaped shopping center arranged by global continents, a 450-foot replica of Noah's Ark that houses an orchestra studio, a movie production lot, a resort-hotel complex and a facility for students studying hospitality.
The only reason  I even sort of think this might not be an April Fools joke is that they went to the trouble of putting together a 49 page proposal. Although, it's pretty ridiculous itself.  Still, if it's intentional humor, it's of an exceptionally deadpan variety.

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