Friday, April 04, 2014

All of Uptown is under contruction

Best to avoid trying to drive there in any particular direction for the next few years.

Blue tubes

Those blue pipes are water lines getting ready to go underground on Napoleon Avenue this week. It's part of the now decades long SELA drainage project currently slated to wrap up some time in 2018. Here is a recent presentation on the work begin done (PDF).

Once the utility work is finished, they're going to dig into the neutral ground and create a new underground drainage canal.

Napoleon SELA canal

Similar work is currently going on on Jefferson Avenue and is schedule to begin on Louisiana this month.

Uptown SELA

Combine this with the ongoing streetcar tie replacement project happening up and down St. Charles and you're better off just avoiding the roads altogether for a while.

Predictably, the work will probably cause some disruption of access to next year's Carnival parades although it's not clear exactly how that will work yet.  Anyway don't tell these felled lamp posts about it. They're already roping off their spot.

Lamp posts

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