Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Eventually they will be allowed to buy the street

On one side of the argument, we've got some lofty rhetoric about the city's master plan and the integrity of the urban street grid and such.
While it noted that city departments did not see a need to maintain the street as a public property, the Commission staff report found no compelling reason it should be private, either. The staff identified several drawbacks to the sale.

“The street forms an integral part of the city’s network of interconnected streets, which is supported by the goals and policies provided in the Transportation and Land Use elements of the Master Plan. As a result, the staff believes the proposal is inconsistent with the Plan for the 21st Century,” the staff report says.
On the other side we've got some very wealthy people who can pretty much do whatever they want. What will happen? Let's watch!

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Ricardo said...

"Let's watch!" Fuck that! Let's ACT! Get involved people!