Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ooh ooh (raises hand)

I think I can answer this one
Jindal and Villere did not responded to requests for comment Thursday as to why neither called on Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter to resign after his D.C. Madame scandal in 2007.
The difference between McAllister's situation today and Vitter's situation back then is McAllister surprised a party insider by running an insurgent campaign which criticized Jindal's refusal to accept Louisiana's share of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

Sure, nobody likes Vitter all that much. But at least he didn't do anything threatening.

Update: Another question to ask is what if, instead of Mrs. Peacock in the office, it had been Miss Scarlet in the Motel 6?  That's kind of the point of TBogg's little McAllister fan-fiction here.
I called Vitter.

He knew the ropes. He’d been here before. He’d know how to patch things up.

“Dave, you gotta help me, man,” I pleaded with him. “You were banging hookers left and right and you not only held onto your job, you got reelected. What’s your secret? I gotta know. I’m desperate.”

“Shee-it. boy, you’re screwed,” he drawled. “First rule ‘o pol-o-tics is you don’t shit where you eat. You can’t be banging administrative  staff in a district office. Do like I did, hire a pro -maybe two or three at a time-  and do it a hotel room. That’s the American way.”
And maybe there's an object lesson there for aspiring cheaters.  Still, the knives Jindal et al have out for McAllister are about politics not morality.  

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