Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Speaking of snake oil salesmen

There's now a New Yorker profile (CORRECTION: Not a "profile" More accurate to say the story credits him) on the guy Fred Heebe hired to pretend he cracked Sal Perricone's Enigma machine or whatever.

Of course this is mostly bullshit. Heebe clearly had information about Perricone from someone inside the US Attorney's office long before he hired the Mr. Language Carnie to help pad his lawsuit.

Update: And now Perricone, who has already owned up to having authored many of the NOLA.com comments in question, says that Heebe's psychic is full of shit anyway.

Russell's story isn't up yet but I gotta run.  Will post it when I see it.

Update: Here you go.  

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Clay said...

Sal just told Gordon Russell he didn't write the brief the language consultant allegedly used. Whoops