Saturday, December 01, 2012

Expect more skirmishes

I appreciate Lunanola's work keeping us informed about this. And I'm pleased to see that this ordinance has been withdrawn (for now). But this deserves a quick comment.

Finally, I’m hoping that this becomes an opportunity for an inclusive and collaborative effort. These repeated skirmishes are tiresome for everyone; can we please move on, into new territory?
Nice thought but... nope. Politics is all about "repeated skirmishes." And Mitch is nothing if not a "my way or no way" guy. The goal is to be able to lease Jackson Square for private functions, filming, and corporate events on a regular basis. They'll be back with this within the next few months.

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uǝןɐʞ said...

Just trying to set a tone. You float the invitation out there and, well, if they don't act on it, that's clearly on them, right? -